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Mini Excel Course…Don’t Bring Your Laptop (Chicago Only)

February 3, 2012

A programmer friend of mine is finally opening up a mini-version of his proprietary Excel course to the public for the first time.  I’d like to think of it as the “cute baby” version.

This will be no ordinary Excel course.  For one, the 4-hr session will be live and in person at the Gleacher Center on March 3 — no webcast, no dial-in allowed.  Also, no need to bring your computer (unless you’re like me whose laptop is chained to the wrist), because you won’t need it.  The cult, I mean, class can only accommodate 14 people, and interested parties need to RSVP before March 1st.

This course is unique in its teaching approach.  Most Excel courses, whether for free or for fee, shows you the mechanics of doing stuff, i.e., how to do a vLookup.  The instructors for this course, on the other hand, deeply understand what business professionals need to accomplish everyday in spreadsheets.  They will show you how to tackle common business situations from an Excel standpoint, why you should or shouldn’t do things a certain way, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

It’s very much like a critical thinking and problem solving class using Excel as a primary tool.  If you are a manager who relies on your staff for robust analytics, sign your team up for this mini-class.  It will be time well invested.

RSVP Here.  It’s free and comes with lunch!

The group is piloting the mini-course to further refine their material.  So be prepared to give feedback.

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