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Why Bother?

You may have taken a pay cut just to keep the job you have.   You’re asked to do more with fewer resources and no budget.  Bonuses and profit-sharing programs have been suspended.  And as companies everywhere are tightening their belts, it seems like there is no more reward for good work, only penalties for missteps.  So why bother making even a small effort and step out of the routine?

Because you will be happier.  Scientific evidence proves that we are not naturally motivated by monetary rewards (even though we often believe we are), but by fulfillment of intrinsic wants. What are they?

  • Autonomy:  The urge to direct our own lives and be in control.
  • Mastery: The desire to get better and better at something that matters.
  • Purpose: A yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves.

Here is the win-win proposition: Help your company so it can continue to pay you and keep you employed.  Your career is important, and there is never a better time to hone your skills and stay competitive by trying out new ideas.  And hey, the smaller your idea, the more likely people will leave you alone to do your own thing.  So start fixing problems at work, develop the kind of problem-solving skills that can’t go offshore, and get reward and satisfaction in an economy that is short on both.

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